Closed or Restricted Access Caves List

List Moderator:  (Volunteer being sought)

The Closed or Restricted Access Caves list was started by Chris Kollmar, and has been a very useful tool in which caves owners have certain requests to be fulfilled prior to entry, which cave owners do not want people on their property, Caves which have special visitation criteria (such as closed during bat hibernation), and caves which are generally Open to the public for visitation without restrictions.

The Closed or Restricted access caves list has been a touch-and-go effort for the past several years. We have improved on it, and here we go improving again.

The improved list, ready in Early 2009, will be Moderated by an official Volunteer Position Officer of the ICCA. This person will review reports, check status, and up-date the Closed or Restricted access list with the most current, and up-to-date information available on caves submitted to the list.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get YOU to submit to our list! Cave Owners, and Cave Patrons alike!

Cave Owners: Do you want people to check-in first? Do you want them to park on the left of the drive? Do you want them to Call before a visit?  - Let them know... submit your wishes to the list so that cavers can better acquaint themselves with your wishes, and follow your wishes... thus respecting you, your property, and your Cave!!!

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Please contact  if you have any questions, or, need additional information on a cave found to be on this list.

***NOTE: Cave Owner Phone, Address and E-Mail will NOT be made publically available on this list. You must contact the List Moderator
by e-mail to obtain this information... to protect the privacy of the Cave Owners***