10 Safe Caving Concepts to follow

  1. ALWAYS WEAR PROPER GEAR. Helmets are necessary for protection of your head, and Gloves are necessary for protection of the cave.

  2. ALWAYS CARRY 3 SOURCES OF LIGHT PER PERSON. If a trip becomes longer than expected, light sources will deplete, and in some cases falter, alternative light sources are a must!

  3. ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK. In the event you do not return from a trip on-time, responsible person(s) may contact Cave Rescue with information on where you went for help.

  4. NEVER GO CAVING ALONE. Solo caving is dangerous. If you were hurt there would be no one to go for help.

  5. DO NOT VANDALIZE THE CAVE. If you vandalize a cave, it isn't as "neat" or "pretty" as it was when you found it. Formations that you enjoy cannot be enjoyed by others.

  6. DO NOT BOTHER THE CAVE LIFE. This is THEIR HOME! Most cave adapted creatures are scarce, many are endangered species. 

  7. CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST. Most all Indiana Caves are subject to partial to complete flooding. Most flash-flood with the smallest amounts of rainfall.

  8. BE PROPERLY TRAINED FOR THE CAVE / PIT YOU ARE VISITING. Never attempt to climb a rope without proper gear. Hand over Hand climbing is certain failure and cause for RESCUES. You need the proper equipment and you need proper instruction. Get it from the ICCA, or from an experienced person. Reading maps is always useful in making sure you do not become lost. Wetsuits are necessary when traversing long portions of extremely wet cave, they assist in avoiding exposure and hypothermia.

  9. OBTAIN PERMISSION. Respect the property of the cave owner. Ask permission and follow any instructions they ask while visiting their property. This ensures you, and others will be allowed to return again to visit the cave / pit. Cave owners commonly CLOSE their caves to everyone because of the mistakes of one!

  10. NO INTOXICATING SUBSTANCES. (This includes Alcohol, Marijuana, and any other type of drug) Caving is as safe as crossing a BUSY HIGHWAY with your eyes closed when you are impaired with intoxicating substances. The majority of all cave related incidents involving serious injury or death are a direct result from intoxicating substances.