Welcome to the Official Website of the Western Indiana Grotto!

The WIG has twice went defunct since founded.
The WIG was revived when the membership and leaders of the ICCA (founded in 1987) decided to become a part of
a larger network of cavers, and requested to become a Grotto of the NSS. Rather than forming a new Grotto, we were requested to re-instate an existing, defunct grotto.

We chose the Western Indiana Grotto, as the geographic area of Western Indiana, at the time, is where the majority of our membership existed. The WIG has been small, but, active since re-incarnation. We have members from all over Indiana, and some surrounding states.
We primarily hold our activities within Indiana and Kentucky.

With Corona Virus now a threat to our nation, we are planning to set up virtual meetings, so we can plan for trips, and outher outtings once the pandemic has passed. Keep an eye on our Events page for future announcements.

Enjoy Your Visit!!!