Executives of the Western Indiana Grotto

There are 5 Executive Board Members of the WIG.
To contact a Board Member, please send an e-mail to that Executive
using the following format for the e-mail address:

{Executive Position} @indiana-caves.org      or      {Member At Large Name}@indiana-caves.org

The Chairman presides over meetings, and oversees all business for and concerning the Western Indiana Grotto. The Chairman will oversee all WIG Business, and may act and assist with any WIG Office as necessary. The Chairman is also responsible for completing NSS I/O Reports on-time as required by the NSS.


The Vice-Chairman will fill the Chairman's position in the event the Chairman is incapable of completing his duties. The Vice-Chairman shall assist in the overseeing of WIG Committees. The Vice-Chairman will also act as Liaison for groups outside the WIG.

Secretary - Treasurer

The  Secretary-Treasurer shall be in charge of receiving and paying out of monies as directed by the members of the WIG Executive Board. The Secretary-Treasurer will be responsible to accurate and detailed reporting of Treasury to the Membership and Executive Board on a Monthly basis. The Secretary-Treasurer shall record Membership dues received, and up-date membership records as dues are received. Input of new memberships into the WIG Membership Tracking System is also required.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall record minutes of Executive Board Meetings, and Membership meetings (Or may allow someone to do so on their behalf) and provide Meeting Minutes to the Chairman within 5 days following each meeting.

Members at Large 

The Members at Large shall assist the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer as directed by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, and as necessary to complete any and all internal or external business for the WIG.