WIG Event Schedule

Date: Aug 17-19, 2018   Place to Visit: Camp Rivervale  County: Lawrence     Invitation Open to: Registration Required
Place to Meet: Camp Rivervale
Time To Meet: NOON
Contact for more information: http://www.cigcaves.com/indiana-cave-capers/all-about-cave-capers/cave-caper-registration/
Directions: http://www.cigcaves.com/indiana-cave-capers/all-about-cave-capers/cave-caper-registration/
Special Gear or Training:  
Notes and / or Comments: http://www.cigcaves.com/indiana-cave-capers/all-about-cave-capers/cave-caper-registration/

Date: 07-21-2018   Place to Visit: Few Area Caves  County: Morgan - Owen     Invitation Open to: RSVP
Place to Meet: A-Frame - Poland
Time To Meet: 10 am
Contact for more information: chairman@indiana-caves.org
Directions: E-mail for directions
Special Gear or Training: Vertical & Horizontal Gear
Notes and / or Comments: PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE. Plan on Kayaking with the 3rd Annual Cavers In Kayaks event on July 14th. We plan to visit several area caves near Porter Cave (Caves to visit dependent on which we are able to obtain advance permission)

Date: 07-14-2018   Place to Visit: 3rd Annual Cavers in Kayaks  County: Owen     Invitation Open to:  
Place to Meet: New Ramp - Gosport IN
Time To Meet:  
Contact for more information:  
Directions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/853916474716970/
Special Gear or Training:  
Notes and / or Comments: Visit the Facebook Page (Link in Directions) for details