WIG Event Schedule

Date: 02-29-2020   Place to Visit: Martinsville Quarry Cave  County: Morgan     Invitation Open to: RSVP
Place to Meet: Contact Rob
Time To Meet: Contact Rob
Contact for more information: robert@jarboe.us
Directions: e-mail for address
Special Gear or Training: Vertical Gear
Notes and / or Comments: *** PENDING OWNER PERMISSION*** We plan to re-locate, photograph, and resurvey Martinsville Quarry Cave.

Date: April 2020 (Details Forthcoming)   Place to Visit: Work Day - Lowry Cave  County: Jennings     Invitation Open to: RSVP (Waivers Required)
Place to Meet: Lowry Property
Time To Meet: NOON
Contact for more information: Contact Rob Jarboe
Directions: E-mail for directions
Special Gear or Training:  
Notes and / or Comments: We are TENTATIVELY planning a work day for clean-up, and gate post repairs at the IKC Owned Lowry Cave preserve. ***Weather Permitting***