WIG Event Schedule

Date: 08-04 thru 06 - 2017   Place to Visit: Indiana Cave Capers  County: Harrison     Invitation Open to: Registration Required
Place to Meet: Harrison Co Fairgrounds
Time To Meet: NOON
Contact for more information: www.cavecapers.com
Directions: www.cavecapers.com
Special Gear or Training:  
Notes and / or Comments: Visit the Cave Capers website at http://www.cavecapers.com for pre-registration / registration details, as well as convention information

Date: 08-12-2017   Place to Visit: Texas Bear - Baker Spring Caves  County: Owen     Invitation Open to: RSVP
Place to Meet: Owners house
Time To Meet:  
Contact for more information: Contact Scott Davis
Directions: Contact Scott Davis. More info coming soon.
Special Gear or Training: Survey Gear
Notes and / or Comments: Push for Texas Bear - Baket Spring Caves connection

Date: 07-15-2017   Place to Visit: Salts Cave Clean-up / EIG Summer Meeting  County: Lawrence     Invitation Open to: Open
Place to Meet: Salts Cave
Time To Meet: 10am
Contact for more information: Visit the EIG Facebook page
Directions: Visit EIG Facebook page for details and contacts
Special Gear or Training:  
Notes and / or Comments: