WIG Event Schedule

Date: 09-02-2017   Place to Visit: Climax Cave  County: Rock Castle Co, Ky     Invitation Open to: RSVP
Place to Meet: E-Mail for details
Time To Meet: Noon
Contact for more information: robert@jarboe.us
Directions: E-Mail for details
Special Gear or Training: Vertical and Horizontal
Notes and / or Comments: Tentatively planning a trip during the Labor Day weekend break to Climax Cave, and another local pit Cave (TBD). Trip will depend on both access to properties, and, number of participants confirmed to attend.

Date: 09-16-2017   Place to Visit: Texas Bear Cave  County: Owen     Invitation Open to: OPEN
Place to Meet: Texas Bear Cave
Time To Meet: 10 am
Contact for more information: tracy_davis_459 @com cast.net (Delete Spaces)
Directions: Contact Scott Davis for Directions
Special Gear or Training: Survey Gear / Dig Gear / Climbing Gear
Notes and / or Comments: CAMPING on Friday at the cave entrance (Primitive, private property). Full day of exploring on Saturday. The plan is to continue to push the Baker Spring connection, and the upper level